Known as a heroic & tactical king Gopal Nayakkar

Known as a heroic & tactical king; Gopal Nayakkar was a king from Virupachchi who mobilized other monarchies on indigenous Tamil land against the occupying British Empire. When the king of the Sivaganga kingdom; Muthuraduga Nathar was murdered by Nawab of Arcot, an ally to the occupying British empire & by members from the occupying British empire.

Queen Velu Nachiyar who escaped with her daughter from that deadly attack by the occupying British & Nawab of Arcot, came to the palace of Gopal Nayakkar. They were given refuge in the Virupachchi kingdom.

Gopal Nayakkar fought against the occupying British empire in 1783, He formed the “Dindigul Alliance” bringing together the various kingdoms from Manapparai, Mangalam, Devadanapatti, Kanniwadi, Periyapatti, Thondamuthur, Tengaiwadi, Vedampatti, Tharapuram, Kangeyam and Sankagiri.

The king then sent a messenger to Seringapatam to gain the friendship & support of Tipu Sultan. In support of Tipu sultan, in 1799 Gopal Nayakkar attacked the occupying British empire’s police stations to seize their weapons.

Gopal Nayakkar played a critical part in the formation of the Southern Peninsular confederation with his palace becoming the headquarters for their face-to-face discussions.

In the month of June in 1800, the Southern Peninsular confederation planned to liberate Coimbatore form the occupying British empire. Knowing this in advance, the British thwarted the plan, resulting in many being arrested & killed for this attempt.

Led by Lieutenant Colonel Innes from the occupying British empire invaded Dindigul on March 17, 1801, Gopal Nayakkar went to the forest of Anaimadu to evade capture & continue their defense from there. However, on May 4, 1801. Gopal Nayakkar & other leaders were captured.

Gopal Nayakkar aged 73 was hanged on November 1801, with others hanged at the Gopala nayakkar Samudra lake.

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