District Special Commander Lieut. Colonel Imran Anna

After the illegal invasion of the Indian Forces under the guise of being “Peace Keepers” in July 1987, on the 3rd of March 1988, District Special Commander Lieut. Colonel Imran Anna died during a direct encounter with the Indian Army in the Urumbrai area of ​​Jaffna Penninsula of Tamil Eelam.

One of the top commanders of the LTTE, Pandian, served as the Jaffna District Commander.

Both Imran and Pandian are close friends.  They were born in a village called Prambadi in Kokuvil of Jaffna and lived next door to each other. As friends they joined the struggle together, fought on the battlefield together and embraced ‘Veerachaavu’ together (A Hero’s Death) for their ideals.

Chunnakam Sri Lanka Police Station was besieged and attacked when the Jaffna district was brought under our complete control under the leadership of our famous Senior Commander, Colonel Kittu Anna.

All of the Sri Lankan Police in Chunnakam fled. Imran was one of the leaders of the team who came down with the aim of capturing the Sri Lankan Police Station.  When Imran entered the police station, he was caught in a trap and his right femur (Thigh area of his leg) was cleft whilst also suffering a massive gash.  That attack marks a historical record of ours and one that we can still talk about today.

After his leg injury, Imran went to India Tamil Nadu for treatment. At that time, Pandian participated in various attacks under the leadership of Kittu Anna in the Jaffna district and did his duty.  At the same time the leader was organizing a team for his protection.  Imran was included in the security team.  Imran’s arrival made it possible to include Pandian in the security team too.

Pandian and Imran were close friends and the pair were selected together as experienced fighters who stood in the fields for the protection of the leader. They studied together, played together and fought together. They were selected for the defense team because of their unity and their bravery on the field. Both of them were in charge of the security forces as key commanders and as conductors were organizing the security forces headed by the leader.

In that setting came the Indian Army. The Jaffna district was completely captured by the Indian occupation force and made a huge setback for our fighters. Pandian took charge as the commander of Jaffna district.

Shortly after Pandian took charge he was hunted by the Indian Army. Surrounded and with no hopes in sight, he shot himself and embraced Veerachavu without being captured by the enemy.

After that Imran was appointed to Pandian’s post by the Leader himself.  Imran also gave shape to the activities of our movement and launched attacks.  He also embraced Veerachavu during a direct encounter with the Indian Army.

Both of them have taken responsibilities from the Leader’s personal security team and have achieved heroics in the fields.

When we spoke to the Leader to name our brigade during the attack on Katikattu camp, he named the heroes “Imran – Pandian” in gold letters. This Imran-Pandian brigade initially served as the leader’s bodyguard. We were proud of it.

They worked tirelessly to build our defense force on the battlefields and in making the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam sufficient for the needs.

 “Thirst of Tigers Tamil Eelam Motherland”



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