Oyyali was born on 27.12.1931 in Virukambakkam

Oyyali was born on 27.12.1931 in Virukambakkam, Chennai and was the third son of Muniyammal. He was employed in a telephone warehouse called; Thousand lamps.
He had clarity of thought and physical strength.  He excelled in Silambam and other contemporary self defense systems. His family consist of his wife; Mallika, and their 3 children named; Amudavanan, Anpahagan and Ravichandran.
The Indian central government’s aggressive move to impose Hindi identity and language within the indigenous Tamil Nadu state made him gravely concerned and set him on the path of no-return.
On, 27.01.1965, a month after turning 34, Oyyali, immolated himself under a mango tree near Virugampakkam National Theatre at 2:00am in early hours of the night. Oyyali, added himself into the list of activists who died by self-immolation, in order to preserve the identity and language of indigenous Tamils within the Indian subcontinent.

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