Shiv Lingam was born in the year; 1941 in Viswanathapuram, Kotambakkam, Chennai.  

He was employed under Chennai Corporation and was staying at home.
On 25th January 1965, students held a rally to protest the insertion of Hindi language onto indigenous Tamil’s Tamil Nadu state, under India’s newly formed government language Act.
The student held rally was met with India’s aggressive state sponsored violence. This act of unprovoked violence against the students of Tamil Nadu stirred Shiv lingam into action.
On 26th January 1965, Shiv lingam decided to douse himself and sacrifice his life by self-immolation outside his home. And scattered around the charred and collapsed body of Shiv Lingam were signed copies that read;
“my life for Tamil, my body through fire” and “I condemn and protest making Hindi as the official language by setting  myself on fire”

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