On the morning of September 14th 1987.

A motorcycle stopped at the national leader´s office, called “Manmathan Illam”. Jaffna district political department chairman Thileepan and Rajan, who worked as Jaffna district political department chairman for a few years after 90, got down from the vehicle.

Kashi annah and I, who had come from Tamil Nadu in and Indian flight on August 15th 1987, were kept there. The office work of the national leader was given to us. After the announcement of Thileepan´s arrival to the national leader, Thileepan was invited inside to see the national leader. Rajan was talking to Kashi annah and me.

After the India-Sri Lanka agreement was signed on July 29th 1987, Indian flights started arriving at Palali Airport from the morning of the 30th. The planes with the name “Peace Force” carried the Indian Army into Palali. Many activities, we did not like, started taking place after the India-Sri Lanka agreement. LTTE and Tamil people had to hand over their weapons, which they kept for their own security.

While the LTTE handed over their weapons, the Indian Army was supplying weapons to organizations like to EPRLF, TELO, ENDLF. The organizations started attacking the LTTE and its supporters with the weapons given by India.

During this period, Sinhalese settlements were established in the borderlands of Tamil Eelam. New police stations were established. India-Sri Lanka Agreement did not implement anything for the Tamil people. Due to these Indian operations, protests and demonstrations started in Tamil areas.

Due to those opposite actions of Indian Government, Thileepan decided to fast in Gandhian way and he had announced this out to his fighters. Thileepan was here now to get the permission from it from the national leader. After 2 hours, Thileepan came out, with smile in his face, from the meeting with the national leader.

“The national leader has given permission for me to fast.”, Thileepan said to Rajan and us and happily left from there. The same day, Thileepan got special invitation to the “Manmadhan Illam” by the national leader. Thileepan talked with the national leader and the others there until midnight and left after finishing the dinner there.

The leader himself served the food for Thileepan. The scene of Thileepan eating with so happily is still in my mind’s screen. No one of us had ever imagined it was the last meal of Thileepan, including the national leader.


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