Chapter 38 – Fate / Oozh

Couplet 371 Wealth-giving fate power of unflinching effort brings; From fate that takes away idle remissness springs. Explanation Perseverance comes […]

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Tamil Scholars

G. U.S. Pope

G. U.S. Pope ( George Uglow Pope , April 24 , 1820 – February 11 , 1908 ) Canadian- born […]

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Tamil Eelam Registry Department

Tamil Eelam National Registry of Persons

The identity of Eelam Tamils has always remained one that it distinct within the Island of Sri Lanka. Whilst various […]

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Lieutenant Shankar

Lieutenant Shankar Death of a warrior: Shankar, Satyanathan searched by the Armed Forces. A guerrilla warrior who went into hiding […]

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Congratulations to the leader who has all of these values

Good behaviour is the key for good leadership Honesty is the key for good leadership Encouragement is the key for […]

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Tamil Eelam National Flag

Preface All the countries in the world have created their own national flag. The salutation of the national flag is […]

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Rules for holding Heroes´ Day event

Rules for holding Heroes´ Day event “Those to be worshipped in the temple of heart! The heroes (Martyrs) do not […]

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Karthikaipoo – The national flower of Tamil Eelam

Everyone knows that flowers are the symbol of the nation. It is an enduring tradition that the related flowers intertwined […]

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TOWARDS OUR PLACES – Thadduvankoddi

The village, Thadduvankoddi, was often talked about in the media during the wartime. Thadduvankoddi was found between the areas of […]

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