Chola Empire

Finally Vietnam defeats the United States after 20 years of struggle .. (1955-1975)

After the war, a reporter asked the Vietnamese president, how this is possible? A small country in South Asia. How did […]...
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Manuneethi Cholan

King Ellalan also known as Manu Neethi Cholan was a famous Choza king who ruled from Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. […]...
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Kopperuncholan was a Tamil king of the Early Cholas mentioned in Sangam Literature. We have no definite details about this […]...
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Karikala cholan

Karikala Chola was one of the greatest rulers of Chola dynasty. He was the early Chola king ruled during the […]...
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Rajendra Chola I or Rajendra I was a Tamil Chola emperor

Rajendra Chola I (Tamil:ராசேந்திர சோழன்) or Rajendra I was a Tamil Chola emperor of Chola Empire and he Captured South […]...
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Rajendra Chola built a Shiva temple in Sri Lanka in the name of his mother.

A Shiva temple built by Rajendra Chola in the 11th century AD in the medieval capital of Sri Lanka. For […]...
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