About V.Prabaharan

A heart touching event

On 20.04.2003 a remarkable event took place at the Political Central Office at Kilinochchi. Tamileelam National leader V. Prabhakaran met […]...
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The Guide to Liberatio

We continue our work with the pride of living in the time of our national leader who gave birth to […]...
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The Tamil Resistance Movement on the Road to Peace

when travelling in Ilankai, I am sooner or later asked by Ilavar and Lankans whether I have met TiruVeluppillai Prabakaran. Evidently, my status is made dependent on having […]...
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Honourable Prabhakaran is the 20th Century hero for Tamil Eelam

Honourable Prabhakaran is the 20th Century hero for Tamil Eelam, appreciated by all Tamils throughout the nation, respect that no […]...
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The leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

“Sports not only helps the individual to develop his or her personality but also helps to promote one’s National identity” […]...
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Family life and the beginning of the movement

Thiruvenkadam Velupillai of Thirumeniyar family married Paarvathy of Nagalingam family. 26th November they have a babyboy. They named him Prabhakaran. […]...
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