Eelam war 2

A Battlefield in Manalaaru: ‘Ithayapoomi – 1’- A military Operation.

Manalaaru connects the North and the South. The land that did not allow the liberation war to fall to the […]...
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“Tigers with history”

The background to some of the historical events that took place in the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle is very interesting […]...
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How the “Mandaitheevu Battle” took place

During Heroes’ Week in 1994, Tigers undertook an operation to capture the entire island.  The ground attack will be led […]...
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“Aahaya Kadalveli Samar”

LTTE’s first military operation named “Aahaya Kadalveli Samar”/”Aerial Sea Battle” The fight took place in three main sections. The first […]...
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This is an interesting event in the history of warfare study

Standing in the middle of the picture is Colonel Kiddu, the LTTE’s attack commander for the Jaffna district. To his left […]...
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