Maamanithar Sathyamoorthy

Maamanithar Sathyamoorthi (1951-2013) Maamanithar Sathyamoorthi was a man who devoted himself for the liberation of the Tamil people for many […]...
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Mamanidhar Pon. Ganesamurthy

Eelam artist and the People’s Bank manager Mamanidhar Pon Ganesamurthy was shot dead by government mercenaries in Jaffna on the […]...
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“Maamanithar” Sivaram

Sivaram was a country loyalist, honest and courageous media fighter and military analyst. Standing in the Sinhala chauvinism, he stated […]...
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All People Who Participated in the Liberation Struggle are Admirable

All people who contributed to the liberation struggle are human beings! Our people deserve to be admired and honoured. The […]...
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